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Thursday, January 12 2017

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Week of Prayer in the Holy land for Christian Unity

Joint prayers are a call of unity among all Christians in the Holy Land.

Highlights of the festivity
On each day of the week, Christians belonging to the various Christian communities congregate in a church of a different denomination and pray together. Every year, the Christian Information Center publishes a list of participating churches.

Related sites worth visiting:
The “Living Stones” - The centers of the local Christian communities, (e.g., the Greek Catholic Patriarchate, which hosts the final evening of prayer).


In the Valley of David and Goliath

A mysterious city with two gates, that existed 3,000 years ago, was discovered in Khirbet Qeiyafa, in the Elah Valley. Who were its inhabitants - Philistines, Canaanites or king David's subjects?

A new exhibition in the Bible Lands Museum, will unearth for the very first time unique finding including inscriptions, cultic shrines and more.

Until this day, the battle between David and Goliath is one of the most renowned stories, that survived through time. Now, visitor can acquaint themselves to the 3,000 year old fortified city that may be the ancient biblical Sha'arayim ( 'two gates' in Hebrew).

The exhibition will take place in the Bible Lands Museum, and is now open for visitors