March 2010

We are happy to send you our warmest greetings during this holiday season ג€¦ We wish all Christians celebrating Easter a spring of peace and renewal.
As we move into the last week of Lent, the Holy Land gears up for a splendid array of Easter celebrations. Whatג€™s more, as this year the Christian calendars overlap, all Christian pilgrims will be coming to Jerusalem at the same time, making this yearג€™s Holy Week celebrations all the more vibrant and meaningful.

The celebrations begin on Palm Sunday, with the traditional procession from the Mount of Olives into the Old City. Following in the footsteps of Jesus as he returned to Jerusalem, pilgrims march waving palm fronds and olive branches. On Good Friday, pilgrims walk down the Via Dolorosa. With many carrying large wooden crosses, they reenact the march along the fourteen Stations of the Cross.

On Easter Sunday a unique spirit fills the air as special masses, vigils and services are held throughout Jerusalem, including over 20 separate masses conducted within 24 hours at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Roman Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Egyptian Coptic, Ethiopian and Syrian Orthodox traditions are all represented.

The Language of Jesus
From what we know, in Galilee towards the end of the Second Temple Period, the only language spoken by the Jews was Aramaic. We can thus assume that the language of Jesus...

Testimonials of Pilgrims to the Holy Land
Pilgrims from all over the world share their Holy Land experience on video. You are invited to share it with them.

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