November 2012

Dear Readers,
Welcome to our November newsletter. This month's items of interest
are dedicated to the very special Gospel Trail.
Walking the Gospel Trail – Part I
Have you dreamt of truly walking in the footsteps of Jesus? If so, the Gospel Trail is the perfect pilgrimage for you. Hiking down the 62km (38.5 miles) trail provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tangibly experience the biblical landscape and the spirituality of the Holy Land, while following the route Jesus is believed to have walked on his journey to the Sea of Galilee. Read more >>
Walking the Gospel Trail – Part II
The final leg of the Gospel Trail will take you to what are literally some of the Holy Land's most fascinating sites and spectacular vistas. Surrounded by such beauty and spiritual significance, the excitement of experiencing such a strong connection to the stories of Jesus and his disciples is beyond compare.
Gospel Trail video
Click here to view the video of the ceremony organized
by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism unveiling the new trail.
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