December 2015


Dear Readers,

It is the Holiday season! Thanksgiving is behind us, and the entire Christian world is getting ready to celebrate Christmas! 
Join us and celebrate Christmas in the holy land, right where is all started! 
Also, Check out these six Authentic food spots in Jerusalem and some of the most important sites to visit this month!
Find The best Places to Visit in Israel this Winter!

Christmas in Israel

Where to go to have the best Christmas experience? Should it be Nazareth? Bethlehem? Jerusalem or parhaps Haifa? See what they have to offer...

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5 most important sites any Christian should visit in Israel

The holy land is full of places important to Christianity. Some of those places connect to certain stories and people, but only the most important ones are the places where Jesus lived and died...

Don't miss it! Jerusalem's 6 best authentic food spots!

Israeli food is unique
and varies with its all-over-the-world influences. The different origins of the
people brought different spices, techniques and flavors to the Israeli cuisine.
Jerusalem is one of the biggest culinary centers of the country...

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We look forward to welcoming you in the Holy Land
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