Holyland Magazine 2016

Christian visitors to Israel are constantly telling me that their relationship with their faith and the scriptures is transformed by their trip to the Holy Land. Last year– 2015 –more Americans came to the Land of Israel than in any year in three millennia. What’s more,many came to discover the land of the Bible and the cradle of Christianity. Ever since Byzantine Empress Helena came to Israel in the 4th century to identify the sites associated with the life andministry of Jesus, visiting Israel has been a vital and epic element of the Christian faith. Seventeen centuries later, a once-in-a-lifetime visit to Israel is no longer a journey of months and years, but a simple flight from the US. You will have one of themost inspiring and meaningful experiences of your life. Strolling the fields of the Galilee is as bucolic and transformative as it was millennia ago. And even in Jerusalem, our capital, you will walk on stones laid by the Romans and on which Jesus and the Disciples may verywell have walked.
This magazine was designed to share many of the spiritual joys of traveling to Israel with American Christians.
We look forward to greeting you in Israel in 2016.
Uri Steinberg, Consul
Israel Tourism Commissioner, North America

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