3D Street Art Exhibition in Jerusalem

Thirteen 3-D street art drawings by 4 International and Israeli artists, can be found along the streets of downtown Jerusalem offers a mind-boggling visual and special experience for all ages.

The art will be exhibited for a few months following the opening.


Eduardo Relero is an Argentinian street artist with a special talent for turning something as regular as pavement into three-dimensional wonders. Eduardo doesn’t just blow people away with his sheer talent and skill for creating 3-D street art illusions, it’s his surreal, storytelling style that keeps them coming back for more.

Yonatan Gal is an Israeli who has been an artist/painter for 20 years, spending recent years in 3D floor art.

Kurt Wenner is an American artist who’s spent around half his life in Italy. He uses the anamorphic 3-D pavement art form of his own invention to turn flat surfaces into 3-D worlds of whimsy, challenging perspectives, bringing crowds into fantastic worlds. Kurt fuses the visual patrimony of the past with twenty-first century imagination with stunning originality.

Francesca Arsi is a painter, musician and street artist who lives and works in Florence, Italy. She is qualified in restoration and wall-painting.