A renewed look at Herodium in light of new discoveries

Many years of searching for King Herod's tomb in lower Herodium, concluded that even if extensive preparations were made, the tomb itself was built and located elsewhere in the general Herodium area. As a result, the majority of the excavations were moved to the northeastern slope of the mountain. The work here brought forth not only the discovery of the Royal Mausoleum (and 3 extravagant sarcophagus relics), but also the discovery of a Royal Theater and the realization that mountain is artificial and the monumental steps were built only at the twilight of Herod’s life.
Herodium itself were built to solve a problem King Herod created for himself - the need to be buried in an unknown desert location. The brilliant solution was to build a giant palace, with a well known location. The discovery of the grave finally answered the question - for what purpose Herodium was built, and why Herod kept his name for this monument alone.